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Heroic efforts to salvage your vision.

are beginning to look frayed, disorganized, or a bit off-brand, it's time to work with a design maven who has a record of putting projects back on track. Someone who can define

the elements that keep you true to your market,
or help you carve
out territory in
a whole
new market.

Did you
know that
%60 of
their imagery
each mailing?
Keeping your book fresh is an iron-clad way to get readers
to open it.

Does your team
try to push an
idea that seems
"great", but leaves your vision

Great on-brand ideas do exist but it takes a deep understanding of how you are positioned in the market.

Do you work your site as hard as you would something you put in the mail?
Most teams take shortcuts because a site is easier to fix, but they so often let mediocre work edge in.

et's get together and make something important
             happen for
           your company. Call
        me today to find out
         how to apply sterling
         direct marketing principles to your everyday projects. You'll be a hero.

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Gail Vanderhoof
Creative Director
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