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creative brief

Producers of the fine foods catalog, Harry & David, were seeking a fresh look that would appeal to a more youthful market.

general recommendations

Work the Harry & David name into the guarantee to make it your own.

Include recipes that provide ways to serve fruit.

Introduce "cheaper-by-the-dozen" pricing.

Focus more on how you keep the product "tree-fresh" during shipping.

Place toll-free number and url in same place on every spread to help customer find you.

Refocus copy capturing their imagination

The people you care about...people who have made a difference in your life...merely by offering an unsolicited smile, or a kind word, or simply calling you by a cherished nickname, are those you think of first at this special time of year.

Show them you care, not by sending the latest whiz-bang plastic gewgaw, or an item that wouldn't warrant a second look after the first washing.

Show them you care by sending something they'll savor throughout the while year, bite after delicious bite. Something that's truly good for them. Something from earth.

For nearly 60 years, a membership in the Fruit-of-the-Month Club has been acknowledged as one of life's finer things...a hallmark of living well. And now those you love can appreciate the finess of hand-selected fruit. Fruit that's been pampered from field to table. Some of America's favorites as well as surprises from lands far away. Delivered, in your name, every month of the year.

To those who have made a difference in your life, give a gift that will make a difference in theirs.
Fruit-of-the-Month, all year long.