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creative brief

A year's worth of catalogs had not produced much interest in this garden seeds and tools collection from Jackson & Perkins. They were looking for concepts to direct the relaunch.

general recommendations

Find the copy voice that speaks to the spirit of gardening as a contribution to Mother Earth.

Introduce Secrets to Successful [fil in]. Such as transplanting, to grab an authoritative role and instill confidence in the reader.

Don't overfill the pages. Leave room for a full page image.

Incorporate photography that highlights the fruits of their labors; cut vegetables on a cutting board, seedlings in various stages of growth.

Stay on message in your guarantee

We feel all of us can have a positive impact on both our immediate and global environment. This is why we've taken such care in choosing items that not only beautify, but do so without environmental impact. Inside this catalog, you'll find items pleasing enough to grace your personal haven for years to come. That's why we guarantee your entire satisfaction with everything you order from J&P. Should any item replace it or refund your money, whichever you prefer.